Fleet Care

-Welcome To Fleet Care

Fleet Care is the specialist vehicle division of Fleet Service Ltd. We mainly operate a service to the CIT and CVIT industry but do undertake other work outside of the industry (we was once asked to develop a touch screen system to control water cannons on board harbour tugs).

What started out as a repair service for a local company developed into a full scale service to the cash and valuables in transit industry which enveloped all aspects of the vehicles and sub systems. We continued to maintain vehicles out in the field and have a broad range of experience of different vehicle conversion and system types.

- Click for Fleet Service Click for Fleet Sales We have experience of vehicles built by the following body builders/coach builders:

  • Kinetic Special Vehicles (KSV)
  • Johnson Security Limited (JSL)
  • Penman
  • UVG / Bedwas
  • Leicester Carriage Builders (LCB)
  • Labbe / Centigon
  • Hartmann
  • Thiele
  • MacNeillie
  • GRP / Truemac
  • ISV
Please feel free to call us with any query you may have. Thank you for visiting our website.
Fleet Care
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