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CarsAt Fleet Service we take as much care of private individual customers as we do with customers operating large fleets (or even small fleets). We have several tailored offers which are suited to the private individual. The offers are based around a service and MOT deal which depends on the size of your vehicle. This can involve an interim or a full service and MOT.

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For the customers who have a fleet of cars, we can arrange fixed price servicing and R+M deals as suited to your requirements.

We are equipped with the latest Bosch Diagnostic equipment with Pass Through/Pass Thru capability. This allows us to connect to virtually any vehicle seamlessly and carry out diagnostic tests to an extremely high standard. As vehicles become Euro 5 compliant, we will be able to make use of the Pass Through capability and carry out software updates on vehicle ECUs and ECMs (PCMs). This equipment gives us the ability to carry out near dealer level remedial work on vehicle control systems across a broad range of vehicles.

We will aim to return your vehicle to you at the earliest convenience (usually be the end of the same working day) giving a far better turn round than using a dealer/franchised agent.

You can be certain your vehicle is in safe hands at Fleet Service.

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Prestige Vehicles

Prestige Vehicles

Here at Fleet Service we have focused mainly on repairing fleets of vehicles and larger volumes of vehicles. However this is not just our only area or expertise. Due to the experience, training and knowledge of our technicians, we can extend our capabilities to more specialist fields such as cars like Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes for example (but not limited to).

As an example of our capabilities, to the left are some pictures of an in depth repair of an Aston Martin V12 which had to have a major repair undertaken after one injector stuck wide open. The cylinder flooded with fuel and created a hydraulic lock situation, bending a con rod which in turn caused the piston skirt to clip the crank counter balance weights.

Range Rover

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