Continuous tyre-pressure monitoring drives down overall operating costs. Lower fuel consumption. Reduced risk of tyre-related breakdowns. Extended tyre life.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS


Underinflated tyres can often lead to high operating costs. Due to the demands placed on drivers today, monitoring tyre pressures does not always happen as frequently as it should. The new Pressure Check system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of all tyres on your vehicle – even when you are driving. This helps to save fuel and increase mileage. It also significantly reduces the risk of tyre failure, whilst maintaining the value of the casing, and thus the retreadability.

Pressure Check uses sensors fitted inside each tyre to provide drivers with real-time information on tyre status. Any irregularity noticed by the driver or fleet manager can be checked and corrected immediately. The system covers almost all combinations of fitment, from single axle trailer to six axle vehicle configurations with a maximum of 24 tyres. It is suitable for tractors, trailers, tractor/trailer combinations, as well as buses and coaches.

Thanks to the Pressure Check system, you can now actively reduce operating costs by up to EUR 1,500 per vehicle a year* while improving driver and vehicle safety

* savings based on 4 x 2 tractor with three-axle semi-trailer driving 140,000 km per year (assumed price of diesel: 1 € / l), including estimated costs (approx. EUR 700) for one tyre-related breakdown.

Telematics Integration

As well as the in-cab driver alerts, with the integration into the FSLF3 connected telematic system FSL can also ensure that any alerts are also relayed back to the Company’s office or Fleet Manager.

By doing this it allows for early intervention prior to imminent failure. This is an exclusive integrated system which combines real-time remote monitoring with a custom in-cab display screen.

Alerts can be set to customers specific requirements and the software is written in house allowing FSL the flexibility to bespoke the package to each client’s specific requirements.

Early intervention is the key to reducing failure and increased costs which come when assets are not available for use.


  • Road haulage vehicles
  • Mobile cranes
  • Concrete pumping vehicle
  • Emergency service trucks
  • Wheeled plant
  • Heavy haulage tractors
  • Heavy haulage trailers
  • Quarry trucks
  • Any specialist wheeled equipment


Pressure Check is quick and easy to install. Mounting inside the tyre guarantees high data accuracy. Pressure Check is compatible with all tyre brands.


Driving with the correct air pressure can lead to significant fuel savings, increased mileage and maintain the value of the tyre casing, thus making your fleet more economical.

Reliable and safe Pressure Check system helps prevent tyre-related breakdowns that can lead to costly downtime, late fines, negative publicity, danger to other road users and loss of sales or profits.


Running the correct inflation pressure lowers fuel consumption, reduces tyre wear, decreases CO2 emissions and consequently protects the environment.