Fleet Service has a full after sales team with a dedicated office to ensure vehicle reliability and compliance.

After Sales Suport

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Fleet Service has a full after sales team with a dedicated office to ensure vehicle reliability and compliance. We offer dedicated telephone support which has proved invaluable to customers. All support services are provided in conjunction with a pre agreed S.L.A. . The after sales support for this product type is critical to ensure that the system is kept within the agreed tolerances. The Fleetcare mobile support engineers carry all necessary equipment required to complete the calibration and repairs. This is backed up by our own team of field base engineers supported by approved, trained sub contractors who cover the whole of the UK.

So you have your newly converted vehicle and you’re happily going about your daily business using the vehicle to its potential. What would happen if you suddenly found a defect on the vehicle? A broken switch on a complex control system could render the vehicle unusable. This suddenly creates an issue when you rely on the vehicle to earn you revenue. Issues that arise on specialist vehicles can sometimes be difficult to trace and rectify especially if the vehicle is of alien technology to the person trying to repair it. That is why we have our own highly competent engineers which we furnish with all relevant information required to look after your vehicle to a very high standard. Most specialist vehicles are ignored once they are in service, only having attention paid to them once they eventually break.

We aim to actually service the vehicle conversion and replace components that are showing signs of wear prior to the point where that failed switch leaves you stranded at the side of the road. This servicing can take place as often as required with an individual service plan drawn up for each customer and type of vehicle conversion. Maximising reliability will save on costly breakdowns, failed deliveries and maybe even penalty clauses.

Technical Support

We have a dedicated technical support office which provides support to clients of specialist vehicles for their conversions and CCTV systems, including downloading and monitoring of video.

In addition to this a lot of our specialist conversion users have opted to have full vehicle connectivity to our Fleetcare team which has proved invaluable since its inception in 2016. This allows for real time monitoring and resolution of faults whilst the vehicle is out on the road. It also allows for a more accurate diagnosis prior to any engineer attendance and also allow for any software updates or changes to be carried out without the need of a field support engineer to be in attendance.

Outside of office hours, Fleet Service Limited have a dedicated contact centre which is manned 24 hours 365 days to provide out of hours support.

We work with our service partner to provide vehicle transport and recovery for existing clients. We cover the whole of the UK and Europe as well. We solve any problem, anywhere, any time.