Fleet Care has developed a number of unique products to cover our customers' needs. We are able to supply and fit these products as well as sourcing reliable products from other trusted manufacturers.

Vehicle Products

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Visit our Ebay shop for various items which are no either longer in use by the business or are surplus to requirements, having been removed in the course of a vehicle conversion.

Secure Vehicle Storage Prestonvehicles

FSL has doubled the size of it security parking facilities to more that 150 vehicles due to demand for the service from its clients.

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Anti-Cut Panels and Cut Arrest Protectionequipment

Specialist Anti-Cut panels to protect both vehicles and compounds from physical attack, ideal for use in Cash in Transit (CIT) vehicles and ATM protection.

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Cat Guardscomponentpanel_vantruck

A solution to catalytic converter theft.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMSdevice

Continuous tyre-pressure monitoring drives down overall operating costs. Lower fuel consumption. Reduced risk of tyre-related breakdowns. Extended tyre life.

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Anti Bandit Glass - Security Glassbox_vancarmotor_homepanel_vantruck

A composite, laminated glass which offers excellent protection against urban violence, physical attacks and even ballistic threats depending on configuration.

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Vehicle Tracking and Telematicscarpanel_vantruck

Talk to us about vehicle trackers. We create and configure bespoke applications matched to your needs.

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Truck Security Shutter Door Lockbox_vanpanel_vantruck

Fleet Service has developed a security lock for small and large commercial vehicle shutter doors. This lock has been in service within the cash and valubles transport industry for over a decade.

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Vehicle CCTV Systemsbuildingcardevicemotor_homepanel_vantruck

Fleet Service can provide various levels of CCTV from the basic windscreen mounted accident recorder to multiple camera systems with DVR and live streaming images back to a control facility.

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Airside Cargo Handling Systemsequipment

This type of easy load system is used routinely on airport vehicles. It operated by means of raising a roller bed from the floor to allow the cargo to be easily moved.

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RFID Systembuildingcarmotor_homepanel_vantruck

Our patented, secure RFID system prevents transponder fobs being cloned.

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Dallas iButton Systembuildingcardevicemotor_homepanel_vantruck

A 64 bit encrypted keyless entry system.

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Lone Worker Trackerbox_vanbuildingcarmotor_homepanel_vantruck

A pendant which also works as a personal tracker and a phone.

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Key Safe Boxesbuildingcomponentdevice

Fleet Service Limited are able to supply and install a range of high security key safe boxes.

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