Fleet Service has developed a security lock for small and large commercial vehicle shutter doors. This lock has been in service within the cash and valubles transport industry for over a decade.

Truck Security Shutter Door Lock

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Our Shutter Lock was born out of a requirement for one of our customers who needed a lock suitable to replace an unreliable and high maintenance locking device which they previously utilised on their fleet. We had been approached to produce a conversion on a vehicle to a certain specification but with a view to change the problematic rear door locking system.

Shutter Lock

The Fleet Service Shutter lock has been assembled with components already tested in the field for many years. We selected the best components which we have proven to last on our conversions and brought them together to produce a lock that may even out last the life of the vehicle. The lock housing is designed to take impacts from steel cages weighing excess of a metric ton and It can be mounted anywhere on the insides of the vehicle load area from the floor to the ceiling at the rear door, and can also be anchored to the floor if required. The lock is slam-lock in operation so if the door is closed, it is also locked. We use electric solenoids and housings designed with durability in mind. To date, we have been using these solenoids for 22 years with minimal failures of which most were caused by water ingress. Some of these solenoids have even gone on to service a second vehicle.

We provide several different release mechanisms from a simple cab mounted push button or high security key switch to an RFID fob or DALLAS fob with 128bit encryption and the units can operate in left and right handed configurations, as well as dual (one either side). An internal manual override is standard fitment for emergency release if the door is ever closed with a person inside. We can provide systems to work on 12 and 24 volt vehicles (light and heavy commercials) on a supply and fit basis. We can cater for a 1 off vehicle of a fleet.

With our shutter lock there is also the added bonus that it can be used on building shutters too (12 or 24VDC voltage supply dependent). Again they can be used in left/right and dual locking configurations and could be integrated into access controls systems.

Fleet Service have designed the lock to have full protection from pallets or loading cages. The unit was originally designed to with stand the impact from 500 – 700 Kgs in weight of transport cages whilst being loaded and unloaded. Encased within the housing are all of the electronics and control devices required to operate the lock.

Lock Operation Options

At fleet Service we understand that no two Companies have the same requirements. To this end we have designed multiple options to operate the shutter lock unit.

Kaba Security Key

The Kaba key is the most secure key on the market today. Keys can be registered to a specific customer or alternatively can be put onto the Fleet Service key plan at Kaba. This ensures no replacement key may be obtained without the written authority of the designated key plan signatory.

Dallas fob

The Dallas fob is the preferred option for certain operators. These are 128 bit encryption therefore this provides a very secure unit. The fob has no need for an internal battery. The fob receives it power from the “I” button receptacle.

RFID Tag Option/Reciever

The RFID system has 2 options available.

The standard RFID system: this allows the operation of the rear door as would be expected. It also allows the operator to programme replacement fobs as and if required.

The enhanced RFID system: this system has all of the above features plus it allows the vehicle to be programmed so that the door will only work on specific days and times. This feature can be useful if vehicles are left loaded in a warehouse over the weekend.

This unit also has the facility to report door opening locations if combined with an existing tracking device. A tracking system can also be supplied and fitted by Fleet Service with the unit if required to provide this and other information back from the vehicle.

Master tags can be supplied to authorised people within an organisation to allow additional fobs to be programmed or deleted as and when required. The shutter lock can also be integrated into one of Fleet Service’s high specification security systems.

Key features:

  • 12 or 24 volt
  • Hardened stainless locking shaft provides in excess of 1 tonne break point
  • Internal emergency over ride
  • Heavy duty steel body for impact protection
  • Heavy duty crank locking bar
  • Multiple operating devices: Security key / Dallas fob / RFID / Cab switch
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reliability proven
  • Will fit on a wide or narrow slat shutter types
  • UK installation & back up
  • Will operate down to -25 degrees


All products carry a full 12 months standard warranty. This is backed up by our in house field support service “Fleetcare” who will attend the vehicle at your premises if required. Life time fixed term maintenance contracts are available which have the benefit of a 6 monthly service of any product supplied and fitted by Fleet Service. This ensures lifelong reliability and fixed costs.