Equipment for workplace safety and legal compliance

Since 1986

We are a well established large independent workshop undertaking the repair and maintenance of almost any kind of vehicle from a car to a 56 seat coach. 

Our Fleetcare division designs, builds and provides ongoing support for specialist vehicles, particularly in the field of cash and valuables in transit.

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Our service extends nationwide, but we are still very much a part of our local community in Preston, Lancashire.

Fleet Service supports the churches of St. Matthew and St. James with the donation of a community minibus.

We support local sports too, sponsoring stock car racer Jay Kellet and a number of riders at Preston Pirates BMX club.

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Latest News

New livery rolled out

The new FSL livery is being rolled out on the Fleetcare engineers replacement vans. As per usual the vans supplied to the Fleetcare engineers are the limited specification models with all the additional driver safety features plus full climate control.


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