A heavy-duty armoured truck, supplied by FSL, has arrived in the Ukranian province of Volyn.

Humanitarian Aid Truck reaches Ukraine

Fleet Service Limited continues to supply vehicles to support the Ukrainian people. Available armoured trucks and vans have been repurposed for humanitarian relief.

This vehicle, a converted Mercedes Actross, was formerly used for secure transport of cash and other high-value goods in the UK. FSL's modifications for use in a war situation have included the fitting of uprated armour materials, supplied by one the UK’s leading specialist armour material manufacturers, ASL GRP aslgrp.com .

This trip took saw the safe delivery of the truck, carrying vital relief supplies, to the north-west Ukrainian province of Volyn. It will now be used to provide protected transport for the movement of internally displaced people within the country.

Governor of Volyn, Yuriy Pohulyaiko, posted the following message via Facebook:

Volyn received humanitarian aid from the United Kingdom

An armoured vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons in the area were delivered to the area by partners from the UK. Food, hygiene supplies, clothing have already been donated to internally displaced persons residing in our area. The armoured vehicle will go to the need of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thank you for your help! Your support is very important.

Children gathered together at the aid destination in Volyn
Pushed to the very front of the 7km queue with police escort

This aid initiative has been put in place by Polish Association Gloucestershire, with city councillor Alastair Chambers taking charge of the sourcing and personal delivery of the aid-laden vehicles across the Polish border into Ukraine.

As a supplier to the security industry and a custom specialist, Fleet Service are quickly able to source and adapt vehicles to relevant road standards and the particular requirements of their role.

Donations towards the aid effort are still being accepted at Fleet Service Ltd. to be handled by Polish Association Gloucestershire. Local companies looking to help should contact Graham Beston on 01772 704 130 for further details.