Fleet Service can provide various levels of CCTV from the basic windscreen mounted accident recorder to multiple camera systems with DVR and live streaming images back to a control facility.

Vehicle CCTV Systems

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At Fleet Service we understand that each customer has their own requirements subject to what issues they are trying to resolve which, is why we offer bespoke solutions to solve their issues.

VDR-SEL (Video Data Recorder)

The VDR-S is our entry level system and records ultra high quality video recordings of up to 2 cameras. This can capture essential footage of accidents and help defend drivers who have been wrongly accused of causing accidents by dangerous driving, or protecting them from erroneous complaints by other road users or passengers.

The court admissible footage and incident data includes the force of impact, vehicle speed, and the GPS location complete with the time and date and footage showing the level of damage to other vehicles involved and the number of passengers and level of injuries. This is essential data for insurance companies to disprove claims in the battle against ‘Crash for Cash’ scams, and fraudulently inflated injury claims, such as whiplash which makes up 90% of third party injury claims.

These are major contributors to commercial fleet vehicles seeing an increase in the average claim size by over 4.8% since 2012.

VDR SEL Key Points:

  • Ultra high quality recording of up to 2 cameras
  • Records vehicle GPS location, speed, date, time and G-Force
  • Option to add monitor to eliminate blind spots
  • Protects against fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Helps reduce accidents by improving driver behaviour

Multi Camera DVR Systems

These systems are usually more bespoke from client to client dependant on their requirements. We can offer a full range of systems with multiple cameras dependant on what is required. This includes but is not limited to:
  • In vehicle DVR recording
  • Live streaming of images via the internet
  • Panic facility
  • Anti-Vandal cameras
  • Internal cameras
  • Split screens allowing multiple images at once
  • Screen splitting customisation
  • 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 channel systems are available

A key area of accident prevention is in improving driver behaviour with 95% of all road accidents involving some human error and in 76% of road accidents the human is solely to blame. Many incidents happen due to inattention and distraction as well as failure to observe the Highway Code. ‘Failed to look properly’ was the most frequently reported contributory factor reported in 42% of all accidents reported to the police in 2011. Our VDR HD system can significantly improve driver behaviour which can reduce the risk of an accident occurring, the severity of the accident and reduce costs by up to 25%.

Additional Data Collection

Our VDR HD system records CCTV footage complete with other key data such as time, date, location along with vehicle speed and G-Force data. The VDR can also record when vehicle inputs including indicators and footbrake are activated showing if a driver indicated and/or braked before an incident. A monitor can also be added to aid drivers by helping to eliminate vehicle blind spots. The monitor can auto switch camera views on activation of each vehicle input. Below is a typical view of the dashboard of the recorded data.

Additional CCTV

Direct Vision

We can upgrade vehicles to comply with the Direct Vision Standard.

The Direct Vision Standard measures how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows. This indicates the level of risk to vulnerable road users, such as people walking and cycling, near the vehicle.

The Direct Vision Standard and HGV safety permit for HGVs is part of the Mayor of London's Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London's transport network by 2041.

Transport for London's Direct Vision Standard web page.

Vehicle Blind Spot Protection (Cyclist)

Side Mounted Camera eliminates vehicle blind spots with side view and help prevent collisions between your vehicles and cyclists.

Large vehicles such as lorries can have significant blind spots which can pose major problems for drivers navigating our major cities. Large vehicles turning left can be a real danger for cyclists and pedestrians.

In 2013 lorries were responsible for 64.3% of the cyclist fatalities that occurred in London and buses and coaches were responsible for a further 21.4% of fatalities.

Our side view cameras can help eliminate blind spots and aid drivers by providing a clear view of any cyclists or pedestrians when incorporated with one of our monitors. Camera views can be displayed permanently or activated via the indicators. Additional cameras such as rear cameras activated when the vehicle reverse gear is selected can be added to further assist the driver whilst manoeuvring the vehicle by reducing vehicle blind spots.

With a 180° lens angle the side view camera can view the cyclist whilst they are still visible by the driver in the front of the vehicle, ensuring any cyclists in close proximity of the vehicle are always visible. Additional cameras can be added at the front and rear of the vehicles giving your driver complete visibility.

System Installation

Any equipment supplied by Fleet Service can usually be fitted on site if retrofitting is required. On complex systems an initial vehicle will be required at our premises to formulate the correct work instruction which is then documented.

Particular attention has to be given to the power required the management of that power supply on more complex systems. Fleet Service has many years experience of managing and designing the correct power supplies required so as not to affect the reliability of the vehicle. This is paramount during the design stage of any installation.

Warranty After Sales Support

All products carry a full 12 months standard warranty. This is backed up by our in house field support service “Fleetcare” who will attend the vehicle at your premises if required.

Fleet Service has a full after sales team with a dedicated office to ensure vehicle reliability and compliance. We offer dedicated telephone support which has proved invaluable to customers. All support services are provided in conjunction with a pre agreed S.L.A.

Life time fixed term maintenance contracts are available which have the benefit of a 6 monthly service of any product supplied and fitted by Fleet Service. This ensures lifelong reliability and fixed costs This is backed up by our own team of field base engineers supported by approved, trained sub contractors who cover the whole of the UK.