A solution to catalytic converter theft.

Cat Guards

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Having come into direct contact with this crime we knew there was a need for a solution to try and counter act this crime. We have had cats stolen off our own vehicles as well as multiple customers vehicles, some of them costing many thousands of pounds to replace as well as sensors the thieves have cut through and down time of the vehicle being off the road. Sometimes the vehicles have been off the road for weeks waiting for stock to become available. If you operate your vehicle to earn a living then the cost can soon escalate if you have to hire a replacement. If your vehicle is a specialist vehicle you may not even be able to work without it making the costs of it being off the road almost immeasurable!

We decided that having seen current products on the market fail to prevent theft that we would look into development of our own products to prevent cat and/or DPF theft. Our approach is not to try and clamp to the cat or put a plate in the way but to make the life of the thief as difficult as possible. Having seen some of the tools the assailants use we knew the clamp and cable approach was pointless. We also realised that if they can fit the tools under the vehicle, despite a plate type guard being fitted, they can pretty much still take the cat anyway.

Obviously if someone wants to steal your cat badly enough there will be very little you can do to stop them but at least we can try and make their life as difficult as possible. Our guards are designed to do exactly that. The guard can be fit in minutes in the right environment and with the right knowledge but an absolute nightmare on your back under a vehicle at the side of the road or on a driveway.

Current vehicles catered for (but ultimately not limited to. If you need a solution we can investigate and produce a guard to suit your needs)…

Mercedes Sprinter (2006-2009. Models with cats fitted under the driver’s seat area. Later modes with cats fitted direct to the rear of the turbo is in development). Fiat Ducato (2007 onwards). Renault Master (2010 onwards). Vauxhall Movano (2010 onwards). Nissan Interstar (2010 onwards). Iveco Daily (2010 onwards. In development).


Due to a theft of a number of full DPF systems from the new model Iveco 70 – 170, FSL were tasked with the DPF replacement and the fitment of a DPF anti-theft device. When FSL researched the market place, it was concluded that there was no off the shelf unit available form either Iveco or the usual aftermarket suppliers of these devices.

FSL designed, manufactured and fitted the new proto-type protection units within 48 hours.

The unit is made in such a way as it prevents the theft whilst the vehicle is stood on its wheels, but allows for workshop fitters to be able to remove with specialist workshop tooling.

The unit is made from stainless steel and has shear off fixings.

The unit will fit other Iveco chassis cab models from 5 ton gross weight upwards.

If you have a problem with DPF theft please feel free to contact FSL for any specialist advice or service you may require. Our guards are designed from a different prospectus from the usual guard manufacturers.