A pendant which also works as a personal tracker and a phone.

Lone Worker Tracker

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At Fleet Service we pride ourselves in sourcing solutions to customer’s problems. One problem we provided a solution for was to a customer who utilised trackers on their vehicles with a lone worker pendant. The pendant would signal the vehicle which would then transmit an alert. This meant that the emergency services would arrive at the vehicle and the staff member who could have fallen off a ladder, may be nowhere in sight. Our solution is to provide a pendant which also works as a personal tracker and a phone.

The unit can be customised to perform how the customer wants it to operate. Automated signals can be set up with specific messages, predetermined phone numbers, customised screens to add/limit user functionality, geo-fencing, way points, spy calling, speed, distance, reporting frequency altered, speed based reporting, and distance based reporting, motion, excess G force, tilt sensing… This list is not exhaustive.

The units will also work on most existing desktop applications and mapping software although a solution can be provided. We would work to integrate the unit into your existing mapping solution if required. Using the desktop application the units can be updated over the airwaves. The tracking facility is web based.

Please note, there is a minimum order required for these trackers.