Alpha was stuck with a combination of ageing vehicles with obsolete parts, and newer vehicles from a converter which had gone out of business. As reliability began to suffer, Fleet Service found a way to keep them on the road.

Case Study: Alpha Flight Services

box vancarpanel vantruck

Alpha had a vehicle fleet which had an old age profile. Due to the age of some of the vehicles some of the components had become obsolete. They were also having issues with the new fleet they had recently purchased and the vehicle convertor had since gone out of business. This was causing reliability issues which the knock on effect to their service delivery.

Fleet Service Solution

  • Carry out a full review of the vehicle fleet and its control systems
  • Write and instigate an in house training programme for our engineers.
  • Identify replacement components and integrate into the vehicle current system.
  • Review new build vehicle and locate wiring faults causing reliability.
  • Draw up work instructions and effect upgrade.
  • Provide training to other UK workshops on basic fault finding.
  • Provide technical support over the telephone.


  • Increased vehicle utilisation and reliability
  • Service delivery improved.
  • Additional value brought to the business.
  • One call solution for any issue relating to vehicles
  • Contract covers as when the requirement was there
  • Reduction in hire vehicle costs
  • Reduction in hire vehicle damage re-charges
  • Damage to owned fleet identified and documented
  • Specific vehicles replaced as proved not fit for purpose.