Brinks suffered from fragmented support to its varied fleet of converted vehicles and was struggling to fulfil deliveries on time. With the threat of penalties for failures at airside on their flagship Heathrow route, Fleet Service stepped in to solve their problems.

Case Study: Brinks International

box vanpanel vantruck

Brinks had a fleet of armoured cash delivery vehicles which had been converted by various different vehicle convertors. Due to the varying styles and technology on the vehicles they could not find a service provider to cover the full fleet which covered the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. This was causing service delivery issues for Brinks as well as difficult administration for each depot. Brinks had a flag ship depot which services Heathrow airport as part of its worldwide delivery link. It was imperative to brinks that this link was 100% fully operational due to the penalty costs should a delivery or collection from airside fail to be met.

Fleet Service Solution

  • Carry out a full review of the vehicle fleet and its control systems
  • Write and instigate an in house training programme for our engineers.
  • Draw up S.L.A which fulfilled Brinks requirements.
  • Increase the engineering network to cover the requirements to include additional service vehicles.
  • Assign an engineer solely for the Heathrow depot.
  • Instigate service plan to improve reliability
  • Provide 24 hour cover to all depots with a one phone call solution
  • Identify component issues, design upgrades and follow up with installation of new components whilst still allowing Brinks 98% utilisation of their fleet.


  • Increased vehicle utilisation and reliability
  • Reduced running costs
  • Service delivery improved dramatically
  • Additional value brought to the business.