We repair damaged applications and can completely redesign and alter existing conversions.

Vehicle Modification and Repairs

box vancarmotor homepanel van

At Fleet Service, we have experience around repair of current applications that have become damaged or worn out as well as complete redesign and alteration of already assembled conversions.

Sometimes you have a vehicle on your fleet that you just use as a spare, or only for a specific purpose as it has only been designed for one purpose in mind. Maybe you have a vehicle that has been modified to such an extent that it is only fit for use on one operation, and maybe the work revolving around this operation has decreased. Maybe work has increased and you need a second vehicle to carry out this bespoke task on multiple runs. What if you have a vehicle which is having problems with reliability and requires a modification to increase the reliability? How about if your operation changes and you require a different layout internally or if you need to increase your level of security? Whatever you may need, chances are we can help.

Below is a handful of repair and modification examples that we have carried out.

Reverse engineer the existing wiring loom, design and build a new control system with enhanced security over the existing system. Repairs to vehicle, conversion structure and additional locks fitted as required. Full vehicle repaint in customers livery with new side markers, rear markings and spray.


Design and manufacture of security window grilles fitted to a VW Caddy as well as a security bolt and slam lock conversion to both cab doors. A simple security upgrade for a low value vehicle. The windows also have anti-bandit film fitted with bomb blast protection.


Reverse engineer existing wiring loom, remove old PLC controller and fit new controller with more advanced door control software.

Reduce the side loading door (original form of entry) to half width and attach to the side of the vehicle to create 60mm opening. Manufacture a new swinging door and locking system with emergency release.

Remove an unreliable linear actuator which motored an outside airlock door. Replaced with a double acting air operated cylinder that is controlled by a double acting valve, which is in turn controlled by the driver. The advantage of this is that being a commercial vehicle, it already has on board air supply, and that the ram is completely unsusceptible to being burnt out by a failed limit switch. The ongoing problem of actuators being burned out has been solved.

After driving off a bridge into a river (!) this Transit had seen much better days. Unfortunately the chassis was beyond repair but the conversion was salvageable. We carefully removed the entire conversion from this vehicle and fitted it into a chassis of similar age. Unfortunately being a short wheel base, locating an identical chassis was very difficult. The conversion was adapted to fit into a medium wheel base van and the additional length panelled in.