FSL is not a standard run of the mill vehicle workshop. The range of additional services we have to offer provide customers and especially fleet users with many cost reducing options and improvements to vehicle utilisation.

Additional Services

fleet users

Listed below are just a few examples of where FSL has developed solutions saving clients long term costs whilst increasing the availability of their assets

Renault Master rear door hinges:

Issues: mega failure around the UK on a fleet in excess of 1200 vehicles. Hinges from the dealer costing £1100.00 per set with availability issues.

FSL Solution: Determine the cause of failure, 2 main issues, internal cam lobes wearing out, hinge pin seizure. Design & manufacture of new cam lobe and slide plate.

Investment in ultra-sonic large bath to assist with the release of the hinge pin. Hinges stripped, re-powder coated, new cam lobe fitted, new slider plate fitted, re-assembled ready for delivery.

Cost saving to client 52% , but more importantly to the client, hinge sets delivered to any workshop in the UK within 24 hours. Impress stock placed at key support locations.

Prison Wagon Door 1, 3-point lock failure

Issue: 1/ Main prisoner box entry door, lock failure 6-8-week lead for replacement. 2/ Security key barrel supplied for German supplier, replace keys or barrel 6-8-week lead time.

FSL Solution: 1/ Review failed lock, meet with alternative potential lock suppliers, assist in the development of a replacement lock assembly, agree with client, put lock into trial for review.

FSL Solution: 2/ Find alternative MOJ approved security lock barrel, design new key with larger head flange. Have new style key manufactured and trialled.

Both the lock and key barrel were accepted and passed the trial period. Stock holding agreed with the client.

Locks and security barrels distributed around the UK within 24 hours’ notice. Security key register held by FSL.

Cost savings to the client and major increase in vehicle utilisation and reduction in penalty charges.

Valuables being stolen from van whilst security box not locked

Issue: Driver not locking the security container when valuables being placed in the security box.

FSL Solution: Source new slam locking lock assembly that would integrate into current security box at minimal cost. Distribute lock assembly UK wide in kit form with fitting instructions and provide technical support over the telephone if required. Reduction in theft from vehicles.

The above are only a few examples of the types of issues FSL has resolved for clients over the years.