At Fleet Service we have been conducting MOTs on vehicles for many years.

Vehicle MOTs

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We have testers available 24 hours a day, Monday 8am to Friday 5pm. We cover classes 4, 5 and 7, everything from cars to vans up to 3.5 tonnes and minibuses up to 5 tonnes. We also have the only inspection bay in the Preston area able to accomodate very large motorhomes and are used to testing these vehicles from neighbouring towns.

  • Class 4 including motor homes (including very large motor homes)
  • Class 5 mini bus (up to 15 seats and 5000kg GVW)
  • Class 7 vans up to 3500kg

Free car history checks

The government's vehicle enquiry service is free to use and will tell you whether a car has passed its last MOT and when it was last taxed. All you need is the registration number, and it will also give a simple vehicle description to determine the tax band of the car.

Use the Vehicle MOT History check for a more in-depth report. Check the past results of a vehicle’s MOT tests, including:
  • if it passed or failed
  • the mileage recorded when it was tested
  • where each test was done
  • what parts failed at each test, and if any parts had minor problems
  • when its next MOT is due