The new FSL livery is being rolled out on the Fleetcare engineers replacement vans. As per usual the vans supplied to the Fleetcare engineers are the limited specification models with all the additional driver safety features plus full climate control.

New livery rolled out

The vehicles are converted in house with high security door locking systems, internal racking systems, multi-camera CCTV recording systems, smoke protection systems and full telematics.

As we know, engineers’ vans do get targeted via the side door when on hotel car parks over night but, up to date all attacks have been foiled 100% due to the in house security that FSL can supply and fit.

This should not be mistaken for the off the shelf low-cost security devices that are routinely fitted and fail when attacked.

If you have suffered from this kind of attack or similar and would like to discuss a solution that works then please get in touch.