Operating company vehicles with more than one person on board had become impossible under the social distancing requirements of the current pandemic. FSL engineers met the challenge with a cunning new design of transparent partition - now available nationwide.

Vans equipped with COVID-19 safety partitions


With a need to continue operating whilst preserving the health and safety of staff members, a way had to be found to keep cab occupants separated during shared journeys. FSL's answer turned out to be a rigid Perspex partition which can be quickly fitted and easily removed without any special tools.

The eventual design uses a number of sections, cut to fit the vehicle's interior which are then assembled in the cab. It's a simple and elgant solution but it took some work to get there.

Tracking down the raw materials was the first challenge. A current shortage of Perspex meant that when FSL managed to locate a large quantity of sheeting from the UKs dwindling supply, we were able to buy it up and put it aside for use in partitions.

The second problem was in cutting the material to the precise shape required. Cab enclosures vary widely, especially on custom vehicels. This couldn't be a one-size-fits-all solution so an investment was made in a new Fabertech CNC router in order to quickly and accurately match the individual dimensions of each vehicle.

The accompanying photos show partitions fitted to FSL's own vans.

Find out more at covidpartition.co.uk