ref: FS1013

Cash Transfer Unit


ref: FS1013

The CTU is pictured with additional security over locking door. This door can be locked by a solenoid chute bolt. Over locking door units are made from 5mm steel plate, powder coated yellow. Showing the over locking door in the secured position. Roller bed fits to the front of the CTU. This allows the easy transfer of goods. Small fold up roller bed at loading bay side to assist with pass through of goods. There are 2 opening doors. The leading door overlaps the trailing door and has a 2 point locking system.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Listed below are the guideline measurements for the CTU We currently have 4 CTU units available We have 2 over locking door systems available. Additional over locking doors can be supplied if required. Solenoid control can be fitted if required. All prices quotes are EX works and subject to VAT The depth of the units can be changed

300mm 380mm 370mm

850mm 370mm 870mm 1900mm

Over lock door 590mm

Prices Cash transfer unit including 2 X roller beds & over locking door system £1625.00 Cast transfer as above excluding over locking door system £1325.00

If you require any additional information please contact Graham Beston on 01772 704 130